Movable LED Operating Lamp

Technical features 1. All of the main parts and accessories can be included in the portable box. 2. It has four casters at the bottom of the box and easy to carry. 3. The surgical lightsuse lithium battery, AC and DC automatic switching,the service life of each battery is over 8 hours and can be...

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Technical features

1. All of the main parts and accessories can be included in the portable box.

2. It has four casters at the bottom of the box and easy to carry.

3. The surgical lightsuse lithium battery, AC and DC automatic switching,the service life of 

each battery is over hours and can be powered by car power inverter

4. Humanized design is convenient for operating.

5. Advanced technology:polarization light technology and lens combine together

6. The OSRAM chip is High CRI, no flicker, no glare.

7. The surgical lights characterised by its being high-strength,light-weight and easy for sterilization.


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