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Folding Evacuation Stair Stretcher Chair for Disabled People with Two People Carrying

Product instruction of evacuation stair stretcher chair Evacuation stair stretcher,made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.Ideal facility for emergency staff to transfer patient to go up and down stair....

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Folding Evacuation Stair Stretcher Chair For Disabled People With Two People Carrying


Technical features of evacuation stair stretcher chair

1.The evacuation stair stretcher chair is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.

2.Evacuation stair stretcher chairs are ideal when emergency professionals have to transfer patient's up and down stair cases.

3.The evacuation stair stretcher chair for disabled people has 3 patient restraint straps with quick-release buckles. Under the front of the stretcher, it has two flexible uplift rods.

4.The stair stretcher chair can easily be folded and tucked away in an ambulance.

5.This unit can be characterized as a light-weighted, small-sized, easy-to-carry device with fluid resistant materials for easy sterilization and cleaning.

6. The evacuation stair stretcher chair is foldable to put in the car trunk when not used.

7. When use the evacuation stair stretcher chair on stairs, there needs two persons to carry.

8. Also the evacuation stair stretcher chair can be used on the ground with wheels.

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