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  • Medical Adjustable Facial Chair

    Features 1. There is the adjustable button to adjust the facial chair.
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  • Survival Emergency Life Jacket

    Advantages The life jacket is light-weighted to keep comforatble in water. More than 150N buoyancy to keep you safe in water. It's waterproof, anti-cracking, UV protection Its material could...
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  • Medical Adjustable Children Bed

    Features The children bed is made with the warm and confortable color. Cold-rolling steel bed board, solid and reliable for the children bed. The rack type adjustable guardrail to protect the...
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  • Folding Emergency Vacuum Splint

    Advantages And Features: 1. More than 72hrs Vacuum Guarantee 2. Rapid Fixation 3. Durable TPU material 4. CE approved 5. Can be shaped according to patients' body shape. The splint use on the...
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  • Adjustable Steel Ambulance Stretcher

    Specifications for steel ambulance stretcher: It's made of high strength steel to make the stretcher stronge. The back and the feet is adjustable to make patients feel comfortable.
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  • Emergency Foldable Ambulance Stretcher

    Specifications for ambulance stretcher It's convenient to choose various positions with your differnet requirements. The top stretcher is detachable. It can be used separately after...
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  • Emergency Medical Folding Litter

    Technical features for medical folding litter 1.The medical folding litter is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and nylon mesh materials. 2.The medical folding litter is characterized by its...
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  • Electric Medical Operating Table

    Description for operating table This table designed for surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax and abdomen, and extremities as well as for gynecological , oto-rahino-layngological and...
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  • Stainless Steel IV Pole Stand

    Technical features 1. The iv stands with steel, plastic or aluminum alloy base. 2. The pole is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. 3. The iv stands height is adjustable with your...
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  • Folding Emergency Vacuum Stretcher

    Description for vacuum stretcher 1. It's made of high quality resistant seamless welding TPU material with small form particles inside. 2. You can rapidly and safely adjust the mattress to be...
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  • Medical CPR Face Shield

    CPR consist of face film and one-way filter,the face shield is made of PVC material.
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  • Aluminum Alloy Foldaway Stair Stretcher Chair

    With latest and strong pedrail which can assure the stair chair keep a best and stable speed when it go down the stairs.
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