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X-ray Machine
May 04, 2018

An X-ray machine is any machine that involves X-rays. It may consist of an X-ray generator and an X-ray detector.

Examples include: 1) Machines for medical projectional radiography. 2) Machines for computed tomography. 3) Backscatter X-ray machines, used as "body scanners" in airport security. 4) Detectors in X-ray astronomy

As technology has evolved over the decades, X-ray has grown along with it, creating cutting edge solutions allowing our clients to transcend the barriers that larger x-ray imaging units never could before. X-ray’s compact portable digital x-ray imaging systems give you the best quality diagnostic images. Our full-wave rectified, high frequency electronic platforms offer the highest power-to-weight ratios available today. The imaging marketplace has long depended on X-ray to deliver systems designed to meet specific needs. Like visible light, X-rays are a form of radiant energy. Their ability to penetrate substances opaque to visible light, however, is neither unique nor particularly unusual. Many substances opaque to light are transparent to other electromagnetic waves. For example, long electrical waves, as well as the shorter ones of radio, pass freely through dry wood, plaster and other substances that do not conduct electricity and are opaque to light. If this were not so, all radio and television receivers would need outdoor antennas.

A portable X-ray apparatus comprising a cart carrying an X-ray generator unit and an image intensifier unit, both in a stowed transport position. One of said units is mounted on the distal end of a support arm pivotable mounted on the cart, the arm is moveable from a stowed first position to an operative open position to position the unit it is carrying to be in an open spaced alignment, whereby in the operative position on the two units are effectively on respective tips of a C-shaped configuration thereby allowing a patient to be positioned between the units to enable taking an X-ray of the patient.

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