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Wheelchair Stair Lift
Jan 26, 2018

A wheelchair stair lift is an electric and/or battery powered lift that is installed in the stairway of home and can allow elderly to safely move between floors. They are also referred to as incline wheelchair lifts. Although they are primarily for elderly using wheelchairs, some models have a fold down seat so they can be used by those who are walking. Whereas a chair lift for stairs requires the senior be able to transfer to a seat, the senior can use it while remaining seated in their wheelchair. There are models for both straight and curved stairways although lifts for curved stairways are more expensive. Wheelchair stair lifts can allow your elderly parents to remain in their own multi level home for longer - which can save money as senior housing can be fairly expensive.

The United States of America and the United Kingdom are some of the countries that are considered to be highly advanced in terms of technology and science, way of living and economic power as well. However, though these countries are said to be 'super powers', the reality of some physically disabled locals is very prevalent. In order to alleviate the condition of these ill-fated folks in these nations, their progressive technology had given them innovative items or machines such as the stair glide and other related items. These hauling machines are really blessings for these unfortunate beings and for their families as well.

But with so many options available how do you choose one that best meets your needs and budget. Here are a few shopping tips along with some good companies that offer them. The stair lift can also be used to carry groceries, luggage and other heavy items up and down stairs. The power to propel the lift is usually normal mains power, although backup batteries can also be fitted in case of power failure. The stair lift can be situated on either side of the staircase.

McKinley Elevator proudly offers a complete line of Bruno stair chairs and lifts. Available for both commercial and residential use, Bruno handicapped stair lifts give those who are disabled the ability to regain access to entire living spaces. An ideal solution for home accessibility, a home chair lift is designed to take you up the stairs safely, gently, and comfortably. A good home stair lift is a wonderful solution for seniors with mobility issues who have trouble with steps. A stair lift will carry your wife up and down the stairs in a safe seated position, giving her easy access to the second story or basement level of your home.

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