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Vacuum Stretcher Light Weight, Easy To Carry, Strong Protection
May 26, 2017

Have you used a Vacuum Stretcher? Are you concerned about its disinfection?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for emergency services and requirements have gradually increased, the traditional emergency services equipment has been unable to meet people's needs for emergency services, rapid increase in first aid technology while emergency equipment is also gradually updated The

In this paper, we introduce this kind of stretcher, which we call "vacuum vacuum plywood stretcher", which is suitable for all kinds of stretchers for a variety of first aid situations. In order to distinguish it from the negative pressure stretcher used for transposing respiratory infectious diseases, The Vacuum forming principle

This type of vacuum plywood stretcher (negative pressure fractures fixed protective air cushion) using vacuum forming principle, the air inside the air out, vacuum plywood stretcher to form a rigid fixed molded body.

Characteristics of Vacuum Stretcher

1, small size, light weight, easy to carry, strong protection, durable,

2, consistent with the shape of the human body and close together, the protection of the wound parts to avoid secondary damage.

3, the outer material using flame retardant materials, lined with high strength ions, effectively reduce the heat loss of the injured.

4, the use of fast and easy, non-professional staff can also operate, the use of manual aluminum alloy gas cylinders in 25 seconds can make mattress plastic, lightweight, simple and good, after the vacuum can be maintained for more than 48 hours, no vacuum leakage Worry, so that the use of more secure stretcher. When the vacuum is released, simply turn the valve to the open state. No manual operation for a long time. The suction valve is located at the side of the stretcher, even in the course of the use of drainage and will not let the patient have any discomfort.

5, on both sides of the stretcher with eight within the volume handle, safe and secure, suitable for many people and two people at the same time handling. So that ambulance personnel in the long process of handling feel comfortable. Also equipped with an integrated head holder for quick head fixation.

6, does not affect the X-ray imaging and magnetic resonance examination.

7, expand the size of 210 * 105 * 6cm, net weight: 6.6kg, equipped with portable backpack, easy to carry and storage.

Negative pressure plywood stretcher scope

Apply to the scene and the group of bone fracture emergency care and pre-hospital fracture treatment, emergency scene, group bone fracture, medical emergency facilities, rescue agencies, military, earthquake rescue, fire and disaster relief industrial and mining enterprises, maritime rescue, sports team , Transportation and construction industry ideal for emergency equipment.


The use of vacuum plywood stretcher to rescue the wound can be done quickly and easily, no pressure, does not affect the peripheral circulation, reduce the swelling and pain. Can be within a minute to the body multiple fractures of the patient fixed properly, to avoid non-medical personnel or emergency cases caused by blind handling of cervical and spinal secondary injury, the medical staff dressing and check the fracture positioning is very convenient. Gypsum allergy patients, will not have adverse consequences. Greatly improving the rescue efficiency, effectively reduce the pain of the injured.


Medical stretcher as a means of transport, in the transfer of emergency patients to use more frequently, if the patient's blood, secretions, excreta contamination of the body, infected bacteria stretcher as a bacterial carrier or pollution sources can be directly through the contact caused by hospital infection, This type of vacuum plywood stretcher with a waterproof coating, can be used conventional washing liquid or water cleaning, such as patients with vomit, secretions or feces pollution, you can use a disinfectant wipes wipe.

Use taboo

Try to avoid the use of sharp objects on the ground.

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