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Vacuum Stretcher Life Indispensable Means Of Delivery
Jul 11, 2017

With the continuous development of elevator technology, the higher the construction of the building, the elevator will become our daily life indispensable means of delivery.

In addition to meeting our regular life, the elevator is gradually being given new requirements: when the staff in the building need to be injured first aid and health care workers to provide better conditions for the rescue, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued GB50096 -2011 "Residential Design Code", requiring elevators to provide delivery services for first aid Stair Stretchers.

But the specification release does not mention the specific how to set up Stair Stretcher lift? How does the scale of the Stair Stretcher lift control? These problems are also designers in the actual design often encountered problems, in order to solve this problem:

Which can accommodate the factors that affect the design of the Stair Stretcher

Load and car area

At present, China's general emergency Stair Stretcher specifications for the length of 1850mm ~ 1950mm, width 500mm ~ 600mm, and GB7588-2003 "elevator manufacturing and installation of safety regulations" requires the elevator car effective area according to the elevator load specifications. In order to meet the car can accommodate Stair Stretcher, elevator load design should use 900 ~ 1050kg, corresponding to the maximum effective area of 2.2 square meters to 2.5 square meters, but taking into account the cost and the actual car area, etc., the proposed use of 1000kg ~ 1050kg.

Open the door size and form

It can accommodate the width of the elevator door and the design should be easy to reach the Stair Stretcher, and with the elevator car structure design and hoistway size, width 800mm or 900mm can be recommended 1000Kg load selection 900mm; height according to the car height, conventional 2100mm.

On the form: if necessary, open the door in addition to the middle of the door can also be used outside the sub-door or next door, the actual construction of the hoist structure may be.

2, cited around the seat can accommodate the elevator design. "Residential Design Code" (GB50096-2011) Specification Group Reply:

Can not blindly choose medical elevators, medical elevator design for the bed, larger size, need to support a larger walkway clearance and turning radius, often Stair Stretcher can enter the elevator but can not enter the house; is coordinating the project construction standards and product standards Contradictory; from the transformation of Stair Stretchers and the use of residential elevator car diagonal start, put forward "to accommodate the Stair Stretcher elevator" design parameters; support the use of demonstration meetings around the formation of the implementation details, the use of 1500mm * 1600mm car is basically feasible, is currently 1000Kg, the future 800Kg will be able to meet the requirements.

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