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Utah’s Premier Home Mobility Solutions Provider
Mar 02, 2018

People throughout Utah face difficult challenges either because they are elderly or have other ailments and challenges that prevent them from living freely in their own homes. We are strong believers that everyone should live freely and comfortably in their own homes, which is why we provide the solutions that make this possible. By sourcing the very best mobility products, the Dragon Stairlift team continues to focus on giving people back their independent living lifestyles. We also install all our products and offer an outstanding and unmatched after-sales service, giving you the peace of mind you need when buying from us.

There are many companies that sell stairlifts. Some are online retailers that sell low quality stairlifts directly to the consumer with no customer service or follow up while others are medical supply shops or elevator companies that try to be all things to all people. For their custom design, curved stairlifts are usually more expensive than straight stairlifts. A curved stairlift cannot be price estimated without the taking of an on-site detailed set of staircase measurements. Some manufacturers offer a free no-obligation on-site survey and consultation. A proper assessment and measurements of the staircase and surrounding environment must be precise and thorough.

There are two types of staircases, straight and curved. This is one of the biggest considerations when determining which stair lift would be needed. The lift for a straight flight of stairs goes up and down in a straight line. It is not able to turn around curves, bends, or travel across a landing. A curved stair lift is able to navigate corners and reversal of direction in the stairs. Our curved rail stairlifts have stylish rails made of two steel tubes that bend around almost any corner and can be designed in almost any configuration. Compare the Stannah 260 to other units on the market and you will notice right away the difference in the rail and how much better the steel tubes look compared to the big obtrusive rails of other units.

Installing a straight stairlift can make your home more accessible and give you independence and freedom to move around your home once again without the worry of a staircase being dangerous. For a straight staircase, a straight rail stairlift need only be fitted to the required length of staircase travel. Straight rail stairlifts can be held 'in stock' and therefore can be fitted within a day or two of an order.

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