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Using And Maintaining Your Stairlift
Mar 30, 2018

Although stairlifts can be relatively expensive to buy or rent, they are a good solution for people with limited mobility as it allows them to stay living independently in homes with stairs, and may well avoid having to move the bed downstairs. Stair lifts do offer the elderly an opportunity to stay in their own homes and this is a real benefit as most people do not want to lose the freedom that living in your own home can bring. Getting a stairlift can offer a cost effective solution especially when the cist if nursing and care homes are so very expensive and can eat into one’s life savings which can be soul destroying for the elderly. 

Many people who invest in a stairlift regret not getting one sooner. However, they are not right for every condition or lifestyle, and it is better to find this out before wasting money and time on having one installed. Also, some staircases may not be able to accommodate them. If you decide to buy a straight stairlift you will need to decide where it will be parked – ie at the top or the bottom of the staircase. Stairlifts normally run on batteries that recharge automatically, but this will only happen if the stairlift returns to its parking spot and charger.
Vertical lifts take you from one floor of your house to another by moving vertically through a hole in the ceiling/floor – for instance, moving directly from the living room up to the bedroom. The track of the stairlift attaches to the wall. This type of stairlift is normally only installed if your staircase isn’t suitable for an ordinary stairlift – for instance if it’s too narrow, or if it’s a spiral staircase. They are more common for wheelchair users who are not able to transfer to a stairlift seat. 

Stair Lift Savings provides high quality stair lifts for patients who have mobility issues. The stair lifts built by the company are completely safe and easy on use. Using such lifts helps in improving mobility of patients without any risks of accidents. The staff working at the company is highly trained in the job and has complete knowledge on the devices and their operations. If you or a relative is a keen gardener, but recently it has become more and more difficult for you or them to get up and down steps in the garden, then an outdoor stair lift is your answer.

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