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Usage Scenarios And
Feb 20, 2017

Seat lift is operating in an elevator on the side of the stairs. Main role is to help people who have inconvenient (disabled and elderly), up and down stairs at home.

From the exterior, stair lifts like a run on the track chair. Take the stair chair lift is very easy. You just need to sit down, press the button on your armrest, seat began to move. Slow and steady manner, very smooth. When the left hand button, lift Chair allows you to automatically stop running. Push button can continue to walk again. Security is also very good, who sat in the Chair belts are protected from falling, lifting seat obstacles can automatically stop blackout need not worry that the effect will use because can be recharged batteries for power supply.

Villa seat elevator fusion home environment, its elegant of line, tie comfortable of can diversity select of seat fabric, plus intimate of design and exquisite of technology, let Villa seat elevator (stairlift) applies Yu various type of stairs, and refreshed of received folding and expand action, lightweight smooth, fast completed received folding function, also can empty out broad of space, let family other members using.

The stairs when they meet an obstacle, installing pedals edges and the bottom of the bench sensor can react immediately, the Villa stair lift safety stop. Unique design of the belt, pull more easily across the waist and closely in order to ensure the safety of road

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