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Top Reasons For People Buy Stair Lifts
Jul 19, 2017

Stair lifts are an ideal solution for multilevel homes where mobility-impaired people reside. Our stair lifts offer disabled

people the freedom to continue enjoying every floor of their home without the worry of falling and suffering an injury or

not having help on hand in the event of an accident. When not in use, the stair lift chair easily folds up and out of the way. 

Without a doubt, a stair lifts is one of the most popular solutions for overcoming the problem of negotiating stairs.

For people with severely limited mobility, an elevator is usually a better alternative because there are no transfers involved. However, for most people, stair lifts provide an exceptional solution for remaining independent. Because they provide steady support and move at a slow pace, some people use a stairlift as a method for helping them to “walk” up stairs for exercise by holding on to the unit as it goes up. They can also be used to carry groceries and other items up and down stairs.

Here are a few of reasons that people need stair lifts:

Firstly, when you physically cannot go up and down the stairs in your home, you know you need a stair lift. But it's also a good idea to get a stair lift if going up and down the stairs is uncomfortable and/or contributing to a worsening physical condition in your knees or legs.

Secondly, you need a stair lift is when you (or your loved ones) become concerned about your safety when you utilize a staircase. Unfortunately, it only takes one fall to inflict potentially dangerous injury.

Finally, consider your own feelings. Do you feel free in your home or do you sometimes feel trapped on one level or another? Do you avoid doing certain things because it means having to deal with a trip up the stairs? If so, a stair lift could be of great benefit to you.

Whether due to an injury or illness, age or ability, the thought of getting up and down a staircase becomes more challenging. Safety and security are primary concerns, but so is being able to enjoy your life… your family. A stair lift will not only be a safer method for movement up and down stairs by those with mobility issues but they will also provide an important sense of independence and freedom.

No matter what, let Dragon Industry be your trusted accessibility provider. We'll take care of you from first inquiry through installation and maintenance. Select a stair lift provider you can trust--select Dragon Industry!


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