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The Safe Way To Navigate Your Stairs
Sep 23, 2017

Various designs of stair lifts deal with different stairway layouts, such as curved or turning staircases. Mobility and accessibility issues are very common. And many times these issues progress gradually and aren't so cut and dried. At the end of the day, it isn't always easy to identify the exact moment when something like a powered stair climber for disabled would improve quality of life. There is a kind of powered stair climbing wheelchair convenient for you to sit and climbing stairs.

Don’t cut yourself off from half of your home because you think you can’t access it. You can. With Easy Climber, you can go back to using all of your home – whenever you want. Some elderly have difficulty climbing and descending stairs. With a chair lift for stairs, they can have access to their entire home again.

Now you don’t need to confine yourself to just one floor... move from your home... or enter a senior living facility prematurely just to avoid the perils of a fall.

If you are planning to buy stair chair lift, you should do some research and product comparison as there are a number of manufacturers selling numerous varieties of chair lifts for stairs in terms of quality and price. The prices mainly depend on the models having required product features and the nature of stairs in your house (straight or curved). In cases where multiple people in the home need the assistance of a powered stair climbing wheelchair, the Dragon powered stair climbing wheelchair delivers.

Surely the number one reason for investing in an powered stair climber for disabled has to be safety. Unfortunately, a proportion of our customers buy their stairlift after suffering an accident on the stairs. If you are unsteady on your feet, have difficulty with balance, no longer trust the strength in your legs, or get light-headed and worry about blackouts, it’s time to protect yourself. Accidents can happen anywhere in the home, but accidents on the stairs can have much worse outcomes. An powered stair climber for disabled lets you use the stairs in safety, free from the worry of falling. No matter what, let Dragon be your trusted accessibility provider. We'll take care of you from first inquiry through installation and maintenance. Select a powered stair climbing wheelchair provider you can trust--select Dragon!

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