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The Mobile Stair Climbers: The Safe Way To Navigate Your Stairs
Aug 02, 2017

Mobile stair climbers protect you from this danger and thus remove a major risk to staying in the home you love. A mobile stair climbers an investment in your safety and independence, as well as peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Long staircase or short staircase, no matter the number of steps, a mobile stair climbers literally takes you to the next level. 

Whether due to an injury or illness, age or ability, the thought of getting up and down a staircase becomes more challenging. Safety and security are primary concerns, but so is being able to enjoy your life… your family. That’s why a mobile stair climbers or chair lift isn’t just a convenient addition to your home, it’s a necessity. A mobile stair climbers allows a house to be a home, not a hindrance.

Fortunately, mobile stair climbers gives you back safe and secure access to your entire home again and helps you avoid becoming a statistic. Whether you’re concerned about a dangerous fall on your stairs or simply need a little extra help getting up and down, you’re just like millions of other Americans today. Mobile stair climbers eliminate the fears and anxiety associated with navigating your stairs. Compared to other stair alternatives, the mobile stair climbers can save you thousands of dollars in construction and remodeling costs.

Most manufacturers boast that their drive system is better than others. In actual fact, most stair chair systems are comparable in durability. Rack and pinion, cable and chain are common. Rack and pinion manufacturers are critical about other stair chair lift drive systems yet most elevators run on cable or chain systems. But there is no needs to install rack and pinion and cable in our home on stairs for our mobile stair climbers.

One advantage of mobile stair climbers is that they can allow a senior with a mobility issue to remain in a home that they love. Often seniors are forced to move because of their mobility issues that prevent them from living in houses with stairs, but a mobile stair climbers eliminates this need altogether.

For people with severely limited mobility, an elevator is usually a better alternative because there are no transfers involved. However, for most people, mobile stair climbers provide an exceptional solution for remaining independent. Because they provide steady support and move at a slow pace, some people use a mobile stair climbers as a method for helping them to “walk” up stairs for exercise by holding on to the unit as it goes up. They can also be used to carry groceries and other items up and down stairs.

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