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Structural Characteristics
Feb 20, 2017

More technically minded Gizmo iron uncle had an idea, design a car that can assist people with reduced mobility up and down the stairs of a special wheelchair. Wheelchair bottom has two group wheels, each group wheels the has pair big wheels and pair small wheels, which by Qian of two group larger wheels, round body surface has bearing, bearing round behind followed pair small wheels; by Hou of wheels, is no bearing; in wheels above, has more group seems complex of drive shaft group, these drive shaft group some and under of two group wheels connected, some is and top of Chair connected; in wheelchair Chair of ahead, has two article and car transmission similar like manipulation rod.

"Leaning against the Chair in front of the handle and shaft of the above two sets of switches, wheelchairs can walk freely on the stairways. "Tieshu said that the wheelchair was built by him. By adjusting the two drive shafts of the switch on the wheelchair, wheelchair wheel set can be widened to accommodate different types of stairs; by controlling the wheelchair in front of the joystick that allows changing the angle of the wheel, tightly biting the stairs at the same time, ensure wheelchair freely up and down the stairs.

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