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Stretcher So That Patients Have A Sense Of Security And Comfort
Nov 01, 2017

How the size of the stretcher is measured, the width of the stretcher and other dimensions are measured from the edge of the main frame. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. The specifications are calculated by integer (before conversion, all converted). The height of the load is measured from the ground to the height of the bottom of the loading wheel.

 The maximum carrying capacity is divided according to the proportion of human anatomy. When measuring the carrying capacity of the stretcher, the medical staff must take into account the weight of the patient, equipment and accessories. Lightweight, can load 500 pounds. The main feature is the X-type architecture. Built-in shock-proof frame and fully adjustable inflatable cushions can increase the patient's sense of security and comfort, without lubricating oil, stretcher wheel easy to roll. The head of the stretcher can be folded down, and the handle at the foot can facilitate the operation of the medical personnel. 35-A +; Stat-Tra-35-AST and 35-A + ST; 35-ANM (non-magnetic) * and 35-IT. It is recommended to use 175 series fixtures.

Increased, side rails are ergonomic design, more comfortable, easy to operate, strong mattress pad surface to increase the patient's comfort, easy loading and unloading, the lower tray will not affect the spread of the stretcher.

Stretcher, is one of the essential tools in the rescue activities. Under normal circumstances, we will stretcher is divided into simple stretcher, general stretcher, special stretcher three categories. It is a simple stretcher and a general stretcher for the existing or popular stretchers on the market.

In daily life, special stretchers are rare, but they all have basic handling functions. Special stretchers can be divided into shovel stretchers, roll stretchers, boat stretchers, etc., in the use of places and the use of a more targeted, can effectively help the transfer of the wounded.

Of course, the traditional stretcher there are some limitations, such as the use of the way, stretcher cost manpower and material more. Take a roll stretcher as an example. In the absence of a casualty, only one person can carry one or more rolls of stretcher, but in the process of moving the wounders need 4 to 6 people, increased the difficulty of rescue.

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