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Stretcher For Use
Feb 20, 2017

1, the use of sponge cushion stretcher machines, mission to deliver comfortable, put the patient on a stretcher, by ambulances.

2 if needed a stretcher head when elevation, pressing the head button below the stretcher, upward.

3, when transporting patients arrived at the ward or the destination, pull the handle, two carried under.

4, barricades using Rotary stretcher surface elastic locking device, double barricades to protect patient safety, use seat belts if necessary insurance down guardrails, patient convenience.

5, when patients need transfusion, one end of the stretcher to insert infusion stand.

Scope of application:

For casualty and medical evacuation, ambulances, hospitals, field, Stadium, can also be used in general surgery.


1, when transporting patients, must turn over the fence, to ensure safety.

2, general surgery when not pierced stretchers.


1, keeping clean (including sterilization)

2, always check for loose parts

3, storage and transport when upside down, at the same time as shown in the boxes stack stacked.

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