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Stretcher For A Wide Range Of First Aid Environments
May 26, 2017

Stretcher may be an important device in our rescue patients, has always been, from ancient war there, ordinary stretchers are made of aluminum alloy plate, so that the maximum reduction in the process of handling the patient during the handling of the second hurt.

 However, the specific use of stretcher, the wounded, the wounded first placed in the supine position, fixed neck, and then the stretcher of the left and right two pieces from the side of the wound into the back, fastened and then transported. If you want to carry a stretcher when the elevator, and what way is it? According to the existing residential elevator standard: the load capacity of 320 kg and 400 kg of the elevator, the car is only allowed to transport people. The lift is 630 kilograms of the elevator, the car allows the delivery of stroller and disabled people to take the wheelchair. Carrying capacity of 1000 kilograms of the elevator, the car can also transport furniture and handle the removable stretcher. And our residential area of the elevator are basically carrying 1000 kilograms of the following elevators, stretchers can not be flat. If you encounter fractures or cardiovascular emergency patients, not on a stretcher or can only rely on arm or back downstairs.

    It is easy to cause secondary injury to the patient, and delayed the best treatment time. At present, the stretcher's brand style is more and more, and each stretcher has the function of each stretcher.

Although the stretcher is transported to the wounded, but not all the injured patients are suitable for the same stretcher, the separation stretcher, the use of separate rigid structure, transfer fractures and seriously injured patients. Both ends with a clutch device, so that the stretcher is divided into left and right parts. In the absence of a patient, the patient is quickly shoveled or pulled out of the patient's body.

The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person. Stretcher end (foot) with narrow frame structure. Applicable to a wide range of emergency environment, in a special environment can be more flexible and stable use. Simple and reliable device allows the operator to safely and quickly take first aid measures. Hook hanging with the aircraft on the hook connection, to achieve field rescue. The stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot safety mechanism, seat belt and so on. Material with non-toxic non-toxic release of the material, with fire and wear and anti-erosion function. Four wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, two fixed wheels with brakes, and two arbitrary steering wheels. Made of soft material, in the uneven road can be maintained smoothly. The surface of the stretcher is made of reinforced thermoplastic material.

The head plate can be raised, controlled by the gas spring, and can be fixed at any position between 0 ° and 80 °. Equipped with a safety bar to prevent misuse of non-professionals. The side guard bar can be folded. Zhangjiagang Ruixin Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a folding and stretcher, ambulance stretcher, shovel stretcher and other products specializing in the production and processing of the company, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

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