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Stretcher Can Take Safe And Quick First Aid Measures
Sep 29, 2017

Stretcher, is one of the essential tools in the rescue activities. Under normal circumstances, we will stretcher is divided into simple stretcher, general stretcher, special stretcher three categories. It is a simple stretcher and a general stretcher for the existing or popular stretchers on the market.

In daily life, special stretchers are rare, but they all have basic handling functions. Special stretchers can be divided into shovel stretchers, roll stretchers, boat stretchers, etc., in the use of places and the use of a more targeted, can effectively help the transfer of the wounded.

Of course, the traditional stretcher there are some limitations, such as the use of the way, stretcher cost manpower and material more. Take a roll stretcher as an example. In the absence of a casualty, only one person can carry one or more rolls of stretcher, but in the process of moving the wounders need 4 to 6 people, increased the difficulty of rescue. Here, we from a design point of view to enjoy a group of stretchers, designers from the crowd, the environment, the way from different perspectives to solve the rescue activities in a variety of possible problems, giving the stretcher more possibilities.

The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person. Stretcher end (foot) with narrow frame structure. Applicable to a wide range of emergency environment, in a special environment can be more flexible and stable use. Simple and reliable device allows the operator to safely and quickly take first aid measures. Hook hanging with the aircraft on the hook connection, to achieve field rescue. The stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot safety mechanism, seat belt and so on. Material with non-toxic and non-toxic release of the material, with fire and wear and erosion resistance of the function. Four wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, two fixed wheels with brakes, two arbitrary steering wheels. Made of soft material, in the uneven road can be maintained smoothly. The surface of the stretcher is made of reinforced thermoplastic material.

The head plate can be raised, controlled by the gas spring, and can be fixed at any position between 0 ° and 80 °. Equipped with safety bars to prevent misuse of non-professionals. The side guard bar can be folded. Zhangjiagang Ruixin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a folding and stretcher, ambulance stretcher, shovel stretcher and other products specializing in the production and processing of the company, has a complete and scientific quality management system.

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