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Steam Sterilization For Medical Devices
May 11, 2018

Our wide range of steam sterilizers makes sure you can find a steam sterilizer that integrates simply into your needs for an optimized reprocessing workflow. They are all designed with a high capacity in very compact formats, keeping energy and water consumption to a minimum. Steam sterilizers (sometimes referred to as autoclaves) are an essential part of the decontamination and sterilization process performed by sterile processing departments (SPD) in healthcare facilities.

Additionally, our Vertical Rising Door Autoclaves have continued to provide increased processing capacity for our customers. It is a practical alternative for those who are seeking to maximize use of facility interstitial space and minimize the excessive floor and pit space required by autoclaves with horizontal sliding doors. Steam sterilization process is not appropriate for many materials due to the high temperatures involved. Some quarantine/down time is required once products have been sterilized. Sterilized packages need to be allowed to dry before being removed from the autoclave to prevent contamination. Once removed, they must be allowed to cool to ambient temperatures, which may take several hours.

Standard life sciences sterilizers / autoclaves are high vacuum (pre-vacuum) cage and rack, steam sterilizers. They are designed for general processing of feed, bedding, vented water bottles, cages, racks, carts, linens, gowns and other miscellaneous items that can tolerate a saturated steam, under pressure environment. Normal selectable operating temperature ranges are from 100 -138°C. Cycle parameters are supervisor selectable and can be modified for the particular items being processed. Once the cycle parameters have been selected, the cycle may be assigned a number and stored for future recall.

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