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Stair Stretcher With Corrosion-resistant, Easy To Disinfect Cleaning
Jul 20, 2017

What are the requirements for the Stair Stretcher itself used in the stairs? Stair Stair Stretcher is mainly used for high-rise buildings up and down stairs to transfer patients. This Stair Stretcher is a folding structure, folding small size; Stair Stretcher set four or two wheels; Stair Stretcher back with two foldable handle, Stair Stretcher front with two retractable lift bar.

 Stair Stretchers are equipped with seat belts to ensure the safety of the patient during transfer. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, it has a light weight, small size, easy to carry, the use of safe, easy to disinfect cleaning and so on. The foam cushion is made of anti-seepage process, the backrest angle can be adjusted, so that the sick and wounded people lying comfort; the Stair Stretcher folding leg mechanical structure, through the right handle control; Stair Stretcher on the car after the Stair Stretcher and ambulance fixtures should be firmly locked. The Stair Stretcher can be folded into a chair; made of stainless steel, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easy disinfection cleaning, safety, mainly for the limited space in the transfer of patients, such as hospital elevators, ambulances, aircraft and urban road rescue The Super effort design - to reduce the labor intensity, so that work becomes easy, fast and convenient loading - Stair Stretcher directly into the ambulance.

No need for more other operations Humanized design Eliminate safety hazards - Relaxed use, will not fall, will not be overturned by the type of user ambulance tailored - to provide the most safe and effective on the height of the whole stainless steel - durable, easy to clean , With a long time as new.

Residential design specifications (GB50096-2011), August 1, 2012 implementation, which requires the installation of Stair Stretcher elevator, how to set up Stair Stretcher elevator, Stair Stretcher elevator scale how to control, has been a controversial place, is to collect some information for colleagues reference:

First, the "residential design specifications" (GB50096-2011) Specification Group Reply:

1, can not blindly use medical elevators, medical elevator design is for the bed, larger size, need to support a larger walkway clearance and turning radius, often Stair Stretcher can enter the elevator but can not enter the house;

2, is coordinating the contradiction between engineering standards and product standards;

3, from the transformation of Stair Stretchers and the use of residential elevator car diagonal start, put forward "to accommodate the Stair Stretcher elevator" design parameters;

4, to support the use of demonstration meetings around the formation of the implementation details, the choice of 1500x 1600 car is basically feasible, is currently 1000KG, the future 800KG will be able to meet the requirements.

A) The elevator with a rated load of 450 kg is only suitable for carrying passengers;

B) An elevator with an rated load of 630 kg also allows a person with a wheelchair (but not a motorized wheelchair) with one person.

C) Elevators with a rated load weight of 1000 kg can carry a Stair Stretcher with a removable handle in addition to the loads in a) and b).

With the process of urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings, the public can accommodate the Stair Stretcher of the elevator demand is more and more intense. In response to this situation, from August 1, 2012 implementation of the "residential design specifications" provides that the total number of layers in the 12th floor and above, each building design elevator should not be less than two, and one of the Can accommodate Stair Stretchers. However, there is no specific standard for the size of the Stair Stretcher and the size of the Stair Stretcher. In the actual situation, because the standard published time is short, developers in order to save construction costs, but also to do small pool area, some elevator shaft or in accordance with the general passenger ladder construction, the installation of the elevator does not have a real Stair Stretcher function. In addition, when the old elevator was eliminated, the original wells are mostly unable to meet the requirements of the general Stair Stretcher ladder, and so on. In order to solve these problems, in this paper, the author introduced a special elevator, which has a Stair Stretcher function, and can be installed in the general passenger shaft wells.

In the high-rise building passenger elevator, the rated load to 1000kg majority, this article to 1000kg load as an example, introduced this new Stair Stretcher elevator. For the general Stair Stretcher elevator, because the Stair Stretcher shape for the long strip, so the car also need to design growth strip. To 1000kg rated load Stair Stretcher elevator, for example, the car size is generally 1100mmx2100mm, shaft size is generally 2200mmx2500mm, can accommodate a length of not more than 2000mm Stair Stretcher into. For the general 1000kg passenger ladder, the car is generally empty 1600mmx1400mm, the size of the hoistway is generally 2200mmx2200mm. Whether it is the depth of the car, or the depth of the hoistway, are not enough to accommodate the arrival of the Stair Stretcher. However, in the diagonal direction of the car, the maximum length of the interior space exceeds 2100 mm, which provides the possibility of loading the Stair Stretcher in this direction.

In the general elevator car, along the diagonal into the Stair Stretcher, one end of the Stair Stretcher beyond the car wall. In other words, the passenger car can not actually accommodate a Stair Stretcher. However, there is plenty of room in the upper left corner of the hoistway. If the car space is extended in this position, it can provide more space to accommodate the Stair Stretcher.

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