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Stair Stretcher More Comfortable And Easy To Operate
Oct 23, 2017

With the process of urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings, the public can accommodate Stair Stretchers in the elevator demand more and more strong. In response to this situation, the "Residential Design Code", which began on August 1, 2012, stipulates that the total number of floors in the 12-storey and above residential buildings should not be less than two units per building, and one of them should be able to accommodate Stair Stretchers. However, the provision does not have specific standards for the size of the Stair Stretcher and the size of the Stair Stretcher elevator. In the actual situation, due to the publication of the standard Time is short, developers in order to save the construction costs, but also to do small pool area, some of the elevator well road or in accordance with the general passenger ladder construction, its installed elevator does not have the actual Stair Stretcher function. In addition, when the old elevator was eliminated, the original well road also mostly can not meet the general Stair Stretcher ladder's well road requirements, and so on. In order to solve these problems, in this paper, the author introduced a special elevator, it has Stair Stretcher ladder function, and can be installed in the general passenger ladder.

In the passenger elevator of high-rise building, its rated load is 1000kg majority, this article takes 1000kg load as an example, introduces this kind of new Stair Stretcher elevator. For the general Stair Stretcher elevator, because the shape of the Stair Stretcher is long strip shape, so the sedan also needs to design growth bar. With 1000kg rated load Stair Stretcher elevator as an example, the size of the car is generally 1100mmx2100mm, the size of the well path is 2200mmx2500mm, which can accommodate a Stair Stretcher with a length of not more than 2000mm to enter. For the general 1000kg passenger ladder, the cabin empty in general for the 1600mmx1400mm, the size of the well path is generally 2200mmx2200mm. Neither the depth of the car nor the depth of the well is enough to accommodate the entry of the Stair Stretcher. However, in the diagonal direction of the car, the maximum length of the interior space is more than 2100mm, which provides the possibility of putting a Stair Stretcher in this direction.

In the general elevator compartment, along the diagonal into the Stair Stretcher, one end of the Stair Stretcher beyond the car wall. In other words, the passenger elevator car can not actually accommodate a Stair Stretcher. However, in the upper left corner of the well, there is plenty of space unused. If you extend the compartment space in this position, you can provide a larger space to accommodate the Stair Stretcher.

The size of the Stair Stretcher is measured, and the width and other dimensions of the Stair Stretcher are measured from the edge of the main frame. Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The specifications are computed as integers (all are converted before rounding). The height of the load is measured from the ground to the bottom of the wheel.

The maximum carrying capacity is divided according to the proportion of human anatomy. When determining the carrying capacity of Stair Stretchers, medical personnel must take into account the weight of patients, equipment and accessories. Lightweight and can weigh 500 lbs. The main characteristic is the X-type frame. Built-in shockproof frame and fully adjustable inflatable cushion can increase the patient's sense of security and comfort, without lubricating oil, Stair Stretcher wheel easy to roll. The head end of the Stair Stretcher can be folded downward, and the handle of the foot end can be easily controlled by the medical personnel. A variety of styles are available: 35-a+, Stat Trac 35-ast and 35-a+st, 35-ANM (non-magnetic) * and 35-it (Transit Stair Stretcher with incubator). It is recommended to use 175 series fixtures.

Enlarged type, side of the bar is ergonomic design, more comfortable, easy to operate, strong Stair Stretcher surface increased the patient's comfort, easy handling, lower tray will not affect the transfer of the Stair Stretcher.

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