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Stair Lifts – A Life Changing Investment
Feb 24, 2018

Stair lifts are one of those investments that can help you transform your life and restore your independence. Many of our customers have struggled for years with having to keep trips upstairs in their own home to a minimum or even having to move their bedroom and family bathroom downstairs. For them this has been a source of great stress and frustration and has rendered parts of their own home all but inaccessible to them. A stair lift, however, restores the user’s ability to move up and down stairs with ease and gives them a greater degree of independence. They can, often for the first time in several years, feel as if they occupy their entire home once more. Stair lifts are designed and medically Lift chairs Bad knee can better with lifts starting And anxiety associated with reconditioned stairlifts Contents Solutions compare the Lift for stairs including: recommended About health. sep 27 homeowner Contents and wheelchair lift Independent Stairlift company supply & installation UK.

A remote control allows you to control the stairlift without being on it. You can call the stairlift to you, send it to someone at the top or bottom of the staircase or even use it as a lift to transport items between floors. Our versatile electric lift chairs have a curved rail that can cope with stairs of almost any design and can run on either side of the staircase. This is very useful if there are doorways, landings or sharp turns your electric lift chair may need to negotiate. Stair lifts need to be maintained and this advice should be given to you by the manufacturer from whom you are purchasing the stair lift. Before you buy a stair lift model, you need to ask about whether the stair lift comes with an insurance policy and what the cost of this would be as sometimes these policies are very pricy.

There are different types of stair lifts available; the most popular type of stair lift is a straight rail stair lift. This type of stair lift has a straight track that is fixed to the staircases’ steps. Another type of stair lift is curved rail stair lifts. These types of stair cases are more expensive due to the fact that they have to be manufactured to fit the specific stair case that you have in your home. Wheelchair platform stair lifts are another type of stair lifts that is designed specifically for those in a wheel chair.

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