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Stair Lift Maintenance
May 26, 2017

The use of replacement, adjustment, installation and other methods of operation, to change the original Stair Lift main force structure, institutions (transmission system) or control system, resulting in Stair Lift performance parameters and technical indicators to change the activities;

1. Change the rated (nominal) speed of the Stair Lift, the rated load, the height of the lift, the weight of the car (except for the reserved decoration weight of the manufacturing unit), the explosion-proof grade, the driving mode, the suspension mode, the speed control mode and the control mode;

2. Installation or replacement of different specifications, different types of drive host, control cabinet, speed limiter, safety gear, buffer, door lock device, car uplink speed protection device, car accidental protection device, containing electronic components Safety circuits and programmable electronic safety related systems, clamping devices, pawl devices, speed limiting shutters (or throttle valves), hydraulic cylinders, steps, pedals, handrails, additional brakes;

3. Change the type of layer (car) door, increase the floor door or car door;

4. Install the automatic rescue operation (power failure automatic leveling) device, energy feedback energy-saving devices, card reader (IC card), etc., to change the original Stair Lift control circuit.

Replace the original parts with the new parts, or the original parts for demolition, processing, repair, but does not change the Stair Lift's original performance parameters and technical indicators of the activities. Repair is divided into two major categories of major repairs and general repairs.

Main maintenance items

Stair Lift is the mechanical and electrical information and the overall combination of technology from the operation to the Stair Lift maintenance, it will naturally involve the following work:

1, the mechanical parts assembly inspection, adjustment, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical parts; for example: the door machine crank stuck problem adjustment; guide shoe and guide the gap between the traction machine brake and the gap between the drive shaft; Speed limiter inspection; deceleration and limit switch position adjustment; wire rope refueling or traction machine oil change; the wire rope tension check.

2, electrical and information part of the inspection and debugging; for example: door system electrical device switch; three-core cable and the main force line contact check; check or replace the call box; check PC board signal processing is correct Or adjust the debugging and so on.

Maintenance system

In order to operate the Stair Lift safely, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, inspection and repair of the Stair Lift. Stair Lift manager and Stair Lift machine room on behalf of the electrician is responsible for the Stair Lift when the emergency repair work, the company responsible for the maintenance of the Stair Lift maintenance organization monitoring work, and is responsible for the establishment of Stair Lift maintenance management system. Stair Lift maintenance management system mainly include:

(1) month maintenance system: the main check whether the various buttons flexible, switch is normal, with no noise and odor, speed limit brake components are reliable. After the completion of maintenance to fill out the "Stair Lift monthly maintenance records."

(2) quarter maintenance system: for the main room within the equipment for maintenance. Such as check the traction motor running, with or without abnormal noise; reducer whether the oil spill, reducer and traction motor temperature rise is exceeded; traction motor brake is reliable; speed feedback device feedback signal changes, control cabinet Of the electrical components of the action is reliable; limit switch action is reliable. After the completion of maintenance to fill out the "Stair Lift quarter maintenance records."

(3) annual maintenance system: the annual Stair Lift operating performance and safety facilities to conduct a check. Machine performance includes comfort, running vibration, noise, running speed and leveling accuracy. Safety facilities include overspeed protection, phase dislocation, phase fault protection, impact cushioning device, protection over the upper and lower limits, metal case grounding, and equipment insulation. Conditional property services company can organize maintenance, but also commissioned by the government management department issued Stair Lift maintenance permit units for maintenance. After the completion of the whole machine should fill out the "Stair Lift maintenance records."

(4) Stair Lift fault handling system: Stair Lift administrator and Stair Lift on duty electrician, received a notice of the Stair Lift failure, arrived in the scene within 5min. According to the scene to make the right judgments, and the Stair Lift trapped to rescue. Check the fault phenomenon, analyze the cause of the failure, according to the situation for troubleshooting. For the general failure, after processing to fill out the "Stair Lift maintenance records", the Stair Lift should be a major failure by the company engineering department is responsible for the Stair Lift company's technical staff for maintenance, and by the Labor Bureau professionals qualified to use.

(5) from time to time maintenance: property services company from time to time on the maintenance and repair of Stair Lifts to check the problem, depending on the circumstances given to the responsible person education, criticism or punishment.

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