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Stair Lift Heavy Load, Durable, No Maintenance
Jul 11, 2017

In many people will choose double-type apartment, so the home is a staircase, and home Stair Lift is also used in our daily life, so the decoration of the home Stair Lift is also very important, the Stair Lift in the decoration of the material selection and decoration Are related to the safety of life and beauty, take a look at the kind of home staircase materials and optional decoration techniques it!

Home staircase material type

Wooden Stair Lift

Wood Stair Lift is currently on the market a relatively high rate of use, wood gives the feeling will be more natural and comfortable, you can also have a warm effect. But poor wear resistance, easy maintenance and maintenance.

Iron staircase

Iron Stair Lift will give people a sense of the times, the shape will be more novel and changeable, in the installation and removal will be more convenient. More of the design is a combination of decoration, in the staircase of the material, many people like to use, such as combination of wood and iron, stainless steel and glass combination, from a single pure decoration materials, more than one element will be more A funny thing.

Tempered glass staircase

Tempered glass staircase is very avant-garde, trendy wind, by many young people like. Tempered glass staircase has the advantage of light, strong lines, bearing heavy, durable, no maintenance, the disadvantage is to give people a cold feeling. Tempered glass pedals are opaque opaque.

Marble Stair Lift

Marble Stair Lift are more suitable for indoor has been laid marble floor of the room, in order to maintain the unity of the interior style.

Home Stair Lift to buy decoration techniques

1, from the aesthetic look

From the appearance of the Stair Lift above, in the choice of material when you can according to the style of the Stair Lift to determine the style and style, staircase selection and painting with color is the focus you need to focus; only select a product is complete and powerful Staircase manufacturers can have a wealth of aesthetic space and the effect.

All on the test

Staircase safety is very need to pay attention to the domestic staircase on the fence should be maintained at around 85, the second floor fence height should be maintained at 90-100cm, the spacing between the pillars should be 12-15cm, a child's family Stair Lift better There are vertical board, to prevent children to fall, wooden pedal should have anti-chute, painting should use environmentally friendly high-grade paint, in order to make the Stair Lift fixed and stable should be in the wall where the choice of fulcrum use arm support.

3, from a reasonable focus on

According to customer preferences and Stair Lift occupy a reasonable design of a staircase space, the requirements of the Stair Lift should not meet with the beam or a sense of oppression, step height should be between 15-20cm, step width should be between 20-26cm, step Should be between 80-100cm, staircase spiral diameter should be between 140-160cm.

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