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Stair Chair Lifts Give Access To Elderly
Apr 07, 2018

Stairlifts are a great way to help people with limited mobility get up and down stairs at their home or public buildings in a simple and stylish way. Our curved stairlifts are quite popular for both indoor and outdoor installation. Whether you have a straight, L-shaped or half-landing type staircase, we can fit a stairlift to it. Many of our stairlifts include a folding foot rest to provide comfort and security while you are moving. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of seat colors.

Since a curved stair lift is more complicated and require extensive amounts of customization than a straight stair lift, it is therefore will cost more. More often, the complicated configurations here means the manufacturer needs to make special note of the many bends and spirals that present all the way of the stairway.

Sometimes, the timing of your stairlift purchase is taken out of your hands. If you have a loved one in hospital who won't be released until you've had a stairlift fitted, there's not much point in debating it. Similarly, if you're about to undergo an operation that will see you struggling with the stairs for the next year (eg a hip or knee replacement), renting a stairlift to cover the recovery period is a pretty easy decision. That can make it difficult for loved ones. It’s rare that a person who'll be using a stairlift calls us. Almost invariably, it’s their loved one. A spouse who's trying to make arrangements before their partner returns home from hospital. Or a son or daughter who wants to make life easier for mum or dad but doesn't want to ‘impose’ a stairlift on them.

Stairlift controls are very simple, normally consisting of a key that is inserted into the machine (and which remains there while the stairlift is in regular use) and either push buttons or a lever/joystick that moves left and right. Most controls can be set up on the armrest on either side of the lift, depending on whether you are right or left-handed. If you want to immobilise your stairlift for a short time – for instance, if you have children visiting – you can do this by taking the key out. The customization and installation of the railings can be made by company that deals with such work. So it is most likely that you will be buying the stair chair lift from a company that will do the complete installation for you.

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