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Splint In Order To Facilitate Fracture Of The Fracture In The Relatively Static Conditions Of Healing
Jun 20, 2017

Splint or bandage to fix the Splint made of wood, bamboo, cardboard or plastic on the restored body of the fracture to facilitate the healing of the fracture at relatively resting conditions, with the step-by-step Functional exercise, to promote fracture healing and recovery of limb function of a treatment. Also known as folder therapy. Common equipment has a size specifications, different shapes of the Splint, cable ties or bandages, fixed pad, cushion material. Common methods: ① a bandage method. After the reduction of the fracture, the affected area attached to the dressing or bedding, with a bandage bandage, the placement of pressure pads and Splint, external tie tie. Continued bandage method. In the Splint outside the bandage with a few layers after the placement of other splints, and then tied fixed.

Complete the splint fixation is only the beginning of treatment, fixed to the fracture after the complete recovery period, according to changes in the condition to adjust the splint position and tightness. 1-2 weeks later with the help of fracture healing is conducive to functional activities. This therapy is suitable for all types of fractures. Simple splint fixation for long limb fractures of the limbs; super-articular splint fixation for articular surface integrity of the joint fractures and proximal joint metaphyseal fractures; lumbar fixation for thoracic and lumbar fractures; pelvic pocket for pelvic fracture. In addition there can be combined with bone traction at the same time the splint fixation and other methods.

 1, gypsum / Splint / brace external fixation is a doctor for your condition to take a treatment;

2, gypsum / Splint / brace external fixation, in your treatment may be a temporary fixation method, it may be a radical treatment;

3, in the course of treatment, gypsum / Splint / brachial external fixation may need to adjust, replace and the corresponding multiple review X-ray film and CT, etc., if the fracture reduction fixation, you may need to receive treatment;

4, gypsum / Splint / brackets as a means of external fixation, but also has its associated complications. Such as interosseous compartment syndrome, swelling, pressure sores, peeling, joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, disuse osteoporosis, nerve palsy and so on.

The following is to accept the gypsum / Splint / brackets fixed Note:

1, raise the limb, to reduce the swelling of the body, pay attention to whether the pressure symptoms, at any time to observe the finger (toe) blood supply, skin color, temperature, swelling, sensory and motor changes, the situation. If there is a change, seek medical attention and remove the gypsum, until the condition improved, then the plaster fixed.

2, patients with wounds, such as found that gypsum is soaked by blood or infiltration, should be promptly treated.

3, must keep the gypsum dry and clean. If the gypsum is soaked by water, it is not only easy to shorten its service life, but also easily lead to skin rupture, causing infection, so when the bath can be used to protect the gypsum to avoid dipping water, while the plaster of the limbs do not step on the wet on the ground.

4, pay attention to cold and warm, cold season attention to exposed body heat; hot season, pay attention to ventilation, to prevent heat stroke.

5, pay attention to keep the gypsum clean, do not be urine, so so wet pollution. Turn over or change the position, should protect the plaster prototype, to avoid fracture deformation. Such as limb swelling subsided or muscle atrophy caused by gypsum loose, should immediately replace the plaster.

6, the patient did not get out of bed before, to help them turn over, and to guide patients to do plaster within the muscle contraction activities; circumstances permit, encourage out of bed activities.

7, pay attention to deformity correction. Patient X-ray examination found fracture at the bit is still good, but there are angular deformity, should be promptly treated to correct the angular deformity, if necessary, surgical treatment.

8, gypsum pack for a long time, may feel the skin within the plaster itchy, do not extend the foreign body into the plaster itch or will be lining the cotton away, not in the gypsum stuff, because this approach not only can not Eliminate itching, but may be caught in the gypsum can not be removed within the gypsum, not only shorten the life of gypsum, but also cause skin damage.

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