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Splint Fast Recovery Of The Fracture
Jul 11, 2017

By the fibula bone splint fixation to be on the third of the knee flexion and extension of forty to fifty degrees, inside and outside the super-knee, the middle part of the third, not the knee ankle, the next one-third Department, inside and outside the side plate over ankle joint. Fixed pad to follow the two-point method, three-point method, should not be too thick. Fibula head, cotton pad protection, to avoid loss. Lower extremity neutral position, knee flexion and extension of twenty to thirty degrees.

Raise the limb, to facilitate swelling subsided. Close observation of the limb blood supply situation, especially after 3 to 4 days after fixation should pay attention to observe the acne skin color, temperature, feeling and swelling degree. Such as the discovery of acromegaly, pain, temperature drop, dark purple color, numbness, coma and accompanied by pain, should be promptly treated. Do not mistakenly believe that the pain caused by fractures, or the risk of ischemic necrosis.

Attention to ask whether the symptoms of bone burning, such as patients with persistent pain, you should lift the plywood to check. To prevent the occurrence of oppressive ulcers. Pay attention to the regular adjustment of the tightness of the cable, usually within 3-4 days, due to local damage to the inflammatory response, swelling increased, so that the splint is too tight, should be appropriate to relax the cable ties. Later, with the local swelling subsided, cable tension should be tightened tightly tie. Regular X-ray examination to understand whether the fracture occurred in the shift, especially in 2 weeks to check frequently, if the shift in a timely manner. To guide patients to carry out reasonable functional exercise, and fixed after the precautions and methods to patients with family confession to clear, to obtain the cooperation of patients before they can achieve good therapeutic effect.

The length of the clamping plate should be based on fracture healing. To achieve the clinical standard of fracture healing, you can lift the splint fixation. The general health of the patient must be good and stable before the manipulation is performed. In the complex so that patients with a comfortable position, the smooth completion of the complex, to avoid complications is very meaningful. Violence or repeated repetition of the manipulation of the patient is a disadvantage and no benefit, should be avoided. Patients and family members of the fracture function of the X-ray standard of the degree of recognition will be different, the doctor can be explained. On the real can not accept, you can consider surgery open reset.

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