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Soft Splint Best Physical Removal Method
Aug 10, 2017

Because the release period of formaldehyde in plywood is long, the daily life also need to adopt environmental protection and safe way in addition to formaldehyde,Soft Splint physical way except formaldehyde mainly using activated carbon materials such as adsorption of contaminated gas, both physical adsorption, is the best physical removal method at present. The principle is that the porous structure of activated carbon provides a large amount of surface area, so that it is very easy to absorb the purpose of collecting impurities. Like magnetism, all molecules have mutual gravitational force. Because of this, a large number of molecules on the activated carbon can produce strong gravitational force, so that the impurities in the media to attract to the aperture of the purpose, in which Yevi carbon is a strong adsorption.

Plywood, also known as veneer, is to cut the logs to 1 millimeters thick on each layer of planing. Fully air-dried, add glue, through the special mechanical equipment compaction, double-sided and decorative texture and material good surface layer, and cut into a certain specification of decorative plates. The most commonly used Soft Splint specification is 1220 mm x2440 mm.

Soft Splint hardness is generally higher, because in the gluing process has the material, the texture is perpendicular to each other, so the strength is large, not easily deformed.

Plywood according to the number of layers can be divided into three Soft Splints, five Soft Splints, nine Soft Splints, 12 Soft Splints, 18 plywood and many other varieties, decoration most commonly used is the three-Soft Splint and five Soft Splints, that is what everyone usually said plywood and Guean. The more layers, the greater the thickness, the higher the strength, the stronger the bearing gravity,Soft Splint the more difficult to bend. Soft Splint is used for high-grade decorative grass-roots structure. Suitable for mounting and fixing heavy-weight decorative parts.

Of course, Soft Splint also has its own shortcomings, is the general cost is higher; if the material is not fully dry or the production process problems,Soft Splint resulting in deformation of the plate, the external force is difficult to adjust; In addition, the plywood is not as good as the density plate surface, with plywood to do the grass-roots, on the surface of the fire board, aluminum-plastic panels, such as veneer plate

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