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Sam Splint
Jul 05, 2018

The sam splint is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. When folded in specific ways, creates a rigid yet comfortable structure that can be used to support and immobilize injuries and fractures of the extremities and neck. With many uses in addition to its primary use as a splint, it has truly become a mainstay of the emergency medical field.

The sam splint can be rolled up easily, and with proper care and cleaning, can be used over and over again. The sam splint is used throughout the world in emergency and traditional medical treatment facilities, emergency medical kits, first aid kits, mountaineering and expeditionary emergency supplies, by fire departments paramedics and many others. In fact, anywhere where the possibility of sprain or fracture exists, you will or, at least, should see sam splint. It has been in use by our military forces for sometime as well as forces of many other nations. It was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm. Bend it back into its original form to stow away or remold for a separate injury.

Many such curves are possible, but for splinting with the sam splint, you need only three basic curves. With these, you can convert a simple sam splint into something so strong that people have even used it as an emergency canoe paddle or snow shovel. The sam splint is more than strong enough for any conceivable splinting need. To think you can pack a fully legitimate bone splint in your emergency first-aid kit. It's so light and compact you could bring it camping or backpacking or mountain biking, whatever adventure you embark upon. Highly recommended product.

Available in different sizes, the sam splint is Waterproof, Reusable, Lightweight and compact with excellent radiolucent properties. Can be rolled or folded for easy storage and simply fastens in place with tape.

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