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Replacement Parts For Lifts & Elevators
Mar 23, 2018

An elderly chair lift is a mechanical accessory available in a variety of designs. Basically, this lift accessory helps seniors get into or out of chairs more easily, and offers access for travel upstairs or downstairs without risk of injury.

A medical lift chair, or stair lift, offers access to upper or lower floors of a home with reduced risk of injury for both the elderly individual and their caregivers. Seniors with disabilities, weakness caused by arthritis or other bone and joint conditions or knee problems may benefit from this lift product. In most cases, medical stair lift manufacturers and installers offer chair lifts for individuals with straight or curved staircase.

A remote control allows you to control the stairlift without being on it. You can call the stairlift to you, send it to someone at the top or bottom of the staircase or even use it as a lift to transport items between floors. Our chair lift for stairs comply with all safety requirements. One of the ways we service our customers after the sale is by providing replacement parts for accessibility products. When parts wear out, it's important to have a reliable place to turn.

I do not know whether or not this device would be helpful to the normal persons, but it will surely help handicapped persons in wheelchairs. Yes, the physically challenged persons cannot able to climb up unless they are lifted by anyone. But after the arrival of this chair into the markets, physically challenged people have gained confidence to climb up in whatever situations. This is the best part of all. A "lift chair" offers a mechanical lifting function to a traditional recliner-type chair. Such elderly chair lifts are often used in long-term care centers, assisted living facilities, and for personal home use. The remote control is attached to the chair, offering easy reach and access by individuals.

It functions by lifting and lowering mechanisms that offer easy seating and stability to seniors with less than perfect balance, mobility, and strength. A person with weak knee strength or limited hip mobility may press the remote control button to lift the chair to a comfortable height.

Basic features of stair lifts include a chair that can be swiveled for easy mounting and dismounting, and offers adjustable height and maximum weight allowed features. A joystick for the lift is usually placed on the armrest for easy use by the individual. Remote control features of these lifts also enable other individuals to operate the elderly chair lift from upstairs or downstairs.

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