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Raising The Standards Of Stair Climbing Solutions
Jul 18, 2017

A stair climber will carry your family members up and down the stairs in a safe seated position, giving them easy access to the second story or basement level of your home. But with so many options available how do you choose one that best meets your needs and budget. Here I will suggest our series of electric stair climbers to you.One kind is for carrying persons directly and another kind is for carrying wheelchairs to help carrying persons. Both of these two kinds of stair climber can help going up and down stairs.

Our electric stair climbers provide an mobility access solution to improve independent living in a home or ‘Access for all’ to a venue or business.

The following are reasons for getting in touch with the Stair Climbing Company - Dragon Industry Company!

1. Stair Climbers provide an alternative solution to an evacuation chair in the event of an emergency.

2. Older buildings often have narrow or curved stairs and small landings that may struggle to accommodate a stair climber.

3. A Stair Climber can be easily transported in a small car and can also be deployed across multiple venues, properties and sites.

4. When not in use the Stair Climber can be stored safely out of sight.

5. Whether you’re concerned about a dangerous fall on your stairs or simply need a little extra help getting up and down, you’re just like millions of other aging persons today. Stair climbers eliminate the fears and anxiety associated with navigating your stairs.

6. The Stair Climber doesn’t rely on a permanent fixture or require adaption to your property, venue or business.

Hope these will help you to make a choose for the stair climber. No matter what you choose from our company, you will not feel you have chosen the wrong one. Besides, our stair climbers can get up and down the stairs safely and convenience.

Mostly, our senior customers want to maintain their independence and live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes—and we also want to help them do so. Our employees are empathetic to the challenges seniors face as they grow older. We hire people who understand the aging experience and respect the accumulated wisdom of seniors. 

Nowadays our stair climbers are more and more popular. And most of customers in different countries will choose our stair climbers.


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