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Patient Monitor
May 18, 2018

Patient monitoring is vital to health care and is used in both hospital and non-hospital environments. Today, there is integrating patient monitors, innovative parameters, wireless devices, workflows and integrated IT solutions to create a fluent system of clinical intelligence. This category of solutions is called Clinical Information Logistics and it's helping caregivers make informed choices in the care of patients world-wide.

Demand for portable medical equipment is increasing, as more people strive to manage their health in the comfort of their own home. The electronics industry is meeting this demand with innovative and highly integrated solutions that deliver more functionality in smaller packages. The home health market will benefit directly from smaller and more portable medical products, allowing more patients to manage and monitor their condition from their own homes. With an ageing and growing population, it is widely anticipated that this kind of technology will play a vitally important role in the future.

There is a real need for more portable medical equipment both in hospitals and in the home. These devices must be highly integrated and capable, able to be used by untrained people in often difficult conditions. Technology is leading the way in meeting this need, with innovations at every level.

At Infinium Medical, we firmly believe that patient monitors should work for you – not against you – so we designed all of our equipment to be extremely intuitive and user friendly. That means you won't have to waste time with complex input processes, in-service, and training, so patient care can come first; as it should. Our patient monitors and other medical monitor products have been tested and retested by both our manufacturing engineers and experienced medical professionals to ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use, and they are compliant with requirements from all major auditing agencies to ensure optimum efficiency and quality.

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