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Feb 20, 2017

In ancient Chinese, at the junction of the head and shoulders, the front said "neck", later called "." As the phrase "candle". In human anatomy, upper bound for the lower bound of the head of the neck, lower the upper edge of the sternum, clavicle, acromion and the connection between the seventh cervical spinous. The local is bounded by front of the trapezius, and is divided into the front of the neck, and the rear of the Department; bounded by sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck, divided into anterior, lateral cervical area and sternocleidomastoid muscle area. Anterior cervical region also known as anterior cervical triangle, digastric and omohyoid muscle into the submental triangle, triangle under the jaw muscle and carotid triangle, triangle. Lateral cervical region also known as the posterior cervical triangle, the triangle of omohyoid muscle consist of occipital triangle and supraclavicular triangle.

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