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Military Stretcher Intelligent, Improve The Level Of Treatment
Oct 09, 2017

To mention the military stretcher, we will naturally think of the liberation war that the team's mighty tribal support group.

Smoke filled the war, everything is shrouded in the shadow of life and death. Charge of the soldiers burst into a batch of raw hope gradually away ... ... Suddenly, a touch of white figure appears, the wounded to save the wounded. Hail of bullets, time seems to solidify, just to make this young life to continue. War has always been accompanied by casualties. With the progress of the times, people's requirements for the goal of war is not only wins and defeats, gains and losses, but also look forward to zero casualties. Military stretcher, the first time in the delivery of the wounded equipment, to reduce the war casualties played an invaluable role. Early military stretchers are made from the ground, so the shape, size and materials are varied.

Stretcher intelligence, improve the level of treatment

Modern warfare, due to the increase in the effectiveness of weapons, so that the number of critically ill wounded significantly increased; the same time, due to the expansion of the military mobile ground, making the wounded and the treatment of a substantial increase in the distance. This requires a higher level of health care to be provided to the frontier. For the injured, the most dangerous stage than the trauma occurred after 10 minutes and 1 hour, respectively, the treatment of "platinum time" and "golden time". If the wounded injury can be stable during this period of injury, then, more than 40% can be rescued. According to statistics, 90% of the death of the battlefield because of their injuries can not be quickly caused by stability. Therefore, in order to reduce the battlefield mortality, the need for on-site effective treatment of critically ill wounded. This requires a variety of first aid recovery equipment, equipment and drugs.

Due to the existing number of first aid recovery equipment mess,military stretcher coupled with the restrictions on the load, the carrying capacity is clearly unable to meet the requirements. Countries have developed and equipped with a micro-integrated integrated emergency rescue system. Its characteristics are as follows: to carry out the emergency care of emergency care and advanced life support, even without the presence of professional medical personnel, but also by ordinary medical staff or health workers in the field to provide critical support for life and death operations; system based on advanced mature technology Based on the integrated modular integration,military stretcher not only stretchers easily separated from the base, and its life support system components can also be very easy to replace, to ensure that the service operation of the smooth link: mobility, field viability and compatibility Strong, suitable for loading in a variety of late delivery vehicles, aircraft and boats, easy to send and carry out uninterrupted way of treatment; quality control software can be escalated, can be different injuries,military stretcher injuries and injury characteristics for analysis Targeted first aid disposal. Various advantages apply to the fast-paced, high mobility and high-risk modern battlefield on the treatment of critical wounded, to reduce the mortality and morbidity is important.

Due to the differences in the state of service and the direction of operations, the mode of operation and so on, the use of the stretcher structure is not the same. With the strengthening of military tasks, the development of special support for the Navy and Air Force has received special attention. Maritime operations, how to quickly rescue the wounded to reduce the drowning death, as the focus of the development of the wounded transport tools. In order to achieve the floating function of the sea, the development direction is mainly to improve the performance of materials, to change the past, the use of ordinary stretcher bar metal materials bulky situation,military stretcher instead of using lightweight high-strength polypropylene or similar materials, especially foam molding technology, Reduce, while improving its hydrophobicity and flame retardancy.

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