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Intelligent Stair Chair Lift
Feb 20, 2017

Intelligent running at the side of the stairs stair chair lift is a lift. Main role is to help people who have inconvenient (disabled and elderly), up and down stairs at home.

Structure and appearance

Intelligent stair chair lift is generally by track, driving device, and seat composed of three parts, drive and seats are installed together, so from the exterior, stair lifts like a run on the track chair.

With the deepening of reform and opening up in recent years, there has been rapid economic development in China, the majority of ordinary people's life has been greatly improved, changing is really great. Our community is moving towards social, coupled with China's large population, persons with disabilities, from 83 million statistics there are various types of persons with disabilities, along with economic development, improvement in people's lives, social progress, and is getting more and more of their travel party and Government and the concern of the whole society. In such a context, the installation of a new type of running at the side of the stairs to help older persons and the disabled stair lift, upper and lower floor seating has appeared on the market in China in the near future.

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