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Health & Safety Risks During Evacuations
Dec 14, 2017

Evacuation poses issues. The most obvious are physical barriers like stairs and doors, and even cultural issues such as equality come into play. The hierarchy of employees in a business, for example, should be put to one side when an evacuation chair takes place. In this blog though, we specifically consider the health and safety issues during an evacuation.

In order to get yourself and others in or out of a building or danger area in the quickest and safest possible way, we need to acknowledge several things.

Elderly and disabled people are waiting for two years to have a stair-lift Installed In their homes despite Birmingham City Council's claim to have slashed waiting times, It was alleged last night.

Labour councillors raised the concerns of constituents who said they had been told by council officials not to expect a response for at least 24 months.

The council has admitted to drawing up new criteria for disability adaptations, giving priority to people waiting to be discharged from hospital.

We offer a professional and efficient service along with a vast range of products to help you get mobile once again. We are also not aligned with any one manufacturer, hence are able to offer the best product for your requirements. Our stair climber is an alternative tool for when a stairway is too narrow for mains powered stair lifts. More mobility and quality of life dragon, the push wheelchair with stair climbing function allows you to overcome virtually all obstacles at home and on the road. The care attendant needs little physical power to handle the Dragon. The Mobility Lifter caregiver assisted stair lift system provides a unique option for safe wheelchair management for individuals with impaired mobility. This system has a number of useful advantages for home and community access. This stair lift is an ideal indoor accessibility solution for straight stairs in commercial buildings.

Developed initially for use of appliance movers in large city settings with many stairways – these patient lift systems are durable, reliable and safe. Although proper training and assessment for individuals and for settings are required.

The Mobility lifter provides a safe and secure design with options for lifting individuals in narrow and curved stairways both indoors and outdoors. It glides safely and comfortably over the stairs using the onboard or remote control. Like the other Savaria models, this one too folds up when not in use, providing other users clear access to the stairs.


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