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Happy Mobility In The New Year
Jan 19, 2018

For over twenty years, Western Stairlifts has continued to be Utah's leading mobility and disability solutions provider, having installed thousands of stair lifts, walk-in tubs, vertical lifts and elevators throughout the state. Our reputation as a premier installer of mobility equipment stems from us offering high-value, low-cost mobility products as well as providing our superior customer service to all our customers.

Stairlifts are quiet and simple to use. A stair lift can provide an alternate remedy to moving or modifying a home. Some stairlift are made to supply you with level access in the event you have difficulties in stepping up or down. This kind of stairlift is the most practical for users that are wheelchair-bound. Pre-owned stairlifts are quite helpful in regards to cost. Most stair lifts have an array of options which make them very flexible to install to fulfill a users needs. With our aid, you can locate the proper stairlift for your relative or friend, while experiencing a dependable and stress-free process from beginning to end.

A stairlift is usually made of three sub-assemblies which all work together. These are the rail system (also called the track), the drive system (known as the carriage), and the seat. The seat is attached to the drive system and this assembly runs up and down the rail system as a single unit. It operates on electricity and are powered either by a rechargeable battery system or are plugged directly into the domestic power supply. Medicare does not cover stairlifts but a program like Medicaid does, in some states and under certain conditions. If your insurance covers it, you could get a Bruno stair lift provided your doctor justifies its purchase and considers it necessary. Some dealers might help you finance your purchase with a payment plan. You could also take a home loan to purchase a stairlift as it is considered a home improvement modification. Stair lifts are widely adopted as solutions for those of us who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs. They are called many different names such as stair chairs or stairway lifts, but they all refer to the same product, the stairlift. Most stair lift buyers are simply the elderly among us who need to conserve their energy, and make life a little more comfortable. Our stair lifts have been manufactured specifically for ease of installation. A typical homeowner can perform a self installation in less than three hours using common tools.

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