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Gazette Opinion: Don’t Let Health ‘reform’ Hurt Montana Students
Sep 09, 2017

Dozens of Billings students with disabilities require intensive services to keep them safe and healthy at school. Billings Public Schools has had costs of up to $250,000 for one medically needy student for one year, according to Judy Povilaitis, director of special education.

Other students need full time occupational, physical or speech therapy. Some require licensed nurses to accompany them on the school bus. Others need personal care for toileting and tube feeding. Airports have a duty to make their facilities as easy to access as possible, especially for passengers with reduced mobility. As passenger demographics change, in line with trends in the general population, it seems likely that this will be a major focal point in the years ahead. How can they cater to the increasing number of elderly and disabled people passing through their doors? Whether you have already had a fall or are worried that you or a loved one is at risk of falling on an existing staircase, a stair lift can ease your mind and your knees. Your safety is the top priority with your new mobile chair for stairs.

One recent large project was a maintenance contract with Toronto Pearson International Airport, which included 350 elevators and escalators and two accelerating moving walkways. The company has also delivered mobility units in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Doha and Rio de Janeiro, to name a few. 

“It’s more accessible for everyone, and the flow is good. It’s convenient, and attractive with new non-slip tile floors,” she continued.

Accessibility is a focus, with an elevator going up to the gym for those who cannot use stairs. There’s also a wheel chair ramp in the big pool, where staff can transfer someone from their own wheelchair to an aquatic one. The ramp also has two handrails for those with balance issues, and there’s a lift chair for the hot tub, as well as easy stairs once Phase two is finished. Stair Climbers provide an alternative solution to an evacuation chair in the event of an emergency. The only evacuation chair option available to climb up stairs from a basement.

Generally speaking, however, she feels that digitisation will be the main driver of future change. In recent years, the aviation industry has made great strides in adopting digital technologies, and there are opportunities along the entire passenger value chain. Passenger mobility is no exception.


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