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Folding Stretcher Can Be Rolled To Reduce The Storage Space
Jun 20, 2017

Folding Stretcher Commonly used folding stretcher

Helicopter with a folding life-saving stretcher to help patients with severe use, you can fix the head of the rescued, trunk, you can use a helicopter lifting.

Suitable for use in high-rise and confined spaces. The design of institutions around the world, including NATO, can be used for horizontal and vertical movements - making it an ideal choice for search and rescue operations,Folding Stretcher including building collapses, industrial accidents or confined spaces.

(1) can be oil, water, and corrosion resistance

(2) stretcher of the back pad removable cleaning

(3) the fixed band to ensure that the chest, arm, large, calf fixed

(4) easy to use and quickly

(5) with helicopter lifting sling

Inflatable lifesaving stretcher

(1) can be used for critically ill patients, can be fixed to the head of the rescued, trunk

(2) stretchers can be used in the water environment to provide high buoyancy

(3) can use inert gas or mixed air,Folding Stretcher nitrogen 1L, air 0.8L

(4) the use of simple and rapid, available inflatable bottles, inflatable pump, manual cylinder inflatable

(5) release the filling of the gas, you can roll to reduce the storage space

Applicable: used to replace the stretcher, used to transport fractures or non-fractures of various injuries.

(1) the wounded with flat method on the flat plate.

(2) many people at the same time handling, pay attention to keep the sick and wounded.

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