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First Aid Supplies
Feb 20, 2017

First-aid kit usage

A variety of acute illnesses, who are very difficult to anticipate when and where, was usually prepare a family emergency kit, but can not be brought to the scene of the accident, here the usage of emergency supplies, making it handy in emergency treatment.

Action Essentials

1. stockings: whether worn or old, can be used for bandages in emergency treatment.

2. tie: fracture fixation splints can be made or used as a tourniquet.

3. towels: upper extremity fractures can be used for triangular bandage.

4. the handkerchief: following full ironing irons can be used as a sterile gauze.

5. the handkerchiefs, hand towels: can be used to stop bleeding when bleeding can also be used for cold and wet.

6. thick wrapping paper, magazines, rulers, umbrellas, canes can fracture splint.

Matters needing attention

1. by car when the accident occurred, with cover bleeding is not clean, in order to prevent infection, standing within the vehicle first aid kit, just in case.

2. regardless of the items instead of the tourniquet to stop bleeding, should be marked on the replacement Hemostatic time every 40 minutes at a time. Because this approach after bleeding, such as tourniquet released irregularly, will cause the remote died, even amputation.

3. when using a wooden stick, CD, wood, cane, thick magazines and other substitutes when the splints available, their best outside like lining up with the towel again, the affected part can be fully fixed.

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