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Elevator Chair Lift
Mar 10, 2018

Some elderly have difficulty climbing and descending stairs. With a chair lift for stairs, they can have access to their entire home again. They no longer have to change or limit their daily routine because they cannot go up and down the stairs safely. A chair lift for stairs will allow your elderly parents to be independent and self sufficient - which for most seniors is essential for their quality of life. They are a great alternative to moving to another home or renovating to install a residential elevator.

In some situations, such as with a tiered deck or a home with a large, open second floor loft area, a stair elevator or wheel chair lift is more convenient. A stair lift is basically a seat that runs on a track installed directly to the staircase. There’s nothing quite like regaining the pleasure and freedom of going up and down your staircase with ease, and it may seem like a small thing now, but with Handicare stairlifts you will soon realise it’s a big part of everyday independence. Not only do they support you when heading up and down the stairs, but also offer reliability, all from a name you can trust. A stair lift is a common fixture in the homes of elderly people. It provides peace of mind that the frail and elderly will not fall down the stairs. The stair lift also relieves the concern of an elderly loved one when you cannot be there to help him or her with the staircase. When the stairs become an obstacle for an elderly person, a stair lift is a cheap alternative to moving to a one-story home or an assisted living center.People who depend on wheelchairs often encounter steps or stairs, both of which are barriers to wheelchair access. If the property or vehicle does not offer an alternative form of disability access, such as a wheelchair ramp, the person using the mobility aid is either prevented from entering or must rely on assistance from others to get where he or she needs to go.

Stand Stairlifts are for passengers that have restricted movement in the hip joints, knees or back and find sitting difficult or painful and prefer standing during the journey up and down the stairs. Passengers stand on a foot platform on the stairlift and hold onto a grab bar or wander lead while traveling on the stairlift. A sit or stand stairlift is designed for multiple users in the home with different requirements; the Sit/Stand Stairlift allows one user to sit in the chair or the other user to stand while using the stairlift.

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