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Deciding On A New Stairlift
Apr 20, 2018

At Dragon Stairlifts we pride ourselves in ensuring mobility issues don’t affect the freedom to enjoy life. Our mission is to show that a stairlift is only a sit down escalator: after all, getting a stairlift is only the beginning of a new and exciting life. These new and exciting lives can come from all sorts of situations, in such situation in a women's charity in Scotland.

Stair lifts for disabled are designed to be as safe as possible, and have features to prevent kids hurting themselves on them, such as finger guards. They are also designed in a way that prevents them from trapping a toddler or child, and will also stop moving as soon as they make contact with a person or object when they are in motion. This means that even if your kids tend to tear up and down the stairs, or you have a very young child who is just learning to use the stairs and may try and crawl up them while the stairlift is in use, the stairs are no more dangerous than usual once your stairlift is installed.

Professionals within the home medical equipment industry do not recommend that people attempt to install these products themselves. They believe that in terms of warranty, long term care, and service, it is much more economical to have a trained professional install these products. In addition, these professionals are also aware of all safety measures and concerns associated with the proper installation of stairlifts, as well as the applicable local elevator codes. Straight stairlifts are designed to travel up and down your staircase on a single, straight track. Installation is relatively simple, and our experienced team of stair lift engineers can have it fitted for you in just a few hours. With no bend or curve in the rail, our straight stair lifts can be ordered brand new or refurbished, and are also available to rent.

Stair lifts are lifts inside the form of chairs which can be elevated or diminished at the fringe of a domestic staircase. They’re used for carrying a person who is unable to walk up or down a journey of steps. A superb home lift is an excellent remedy for seniors or a person with flexibility concerns. These methods are favored by older people mainly because it’s permitted them to stay in their homes. Let’s take a look at some attributes and known reasons for you to consider stair lifts and a few of the possibilities.

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