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Dealing With Differences In Stair Lifts
Feb 01, 2018

A stair lift is a chair that is connected to a track, which is bolted onto the stair treads. No structural changes are necessary in order to implement a stair lift into the home. The stair lift has a number of purposes. It is most commonly used to carry up and down stairs people who may find difficulty in doing so themselves. Stair lifts, also referred to as chairlifts, are devices attached to a special kind of railing that helps the carriage move up and down. This setup enables a person to sit on the chair attached to a carriage and go from one floor to the other without much effort. These are useful for those who are unable to climb the stairs, especially the old and the differently abled.

When the lift is not in use, it can be folded up to save space. The chair on the lift usually has built in safety features such as a seat belt and a swivel seat lock. There are also obstruction sensors that prevent the lift from proceeding should anything be blocking its path. Finger pressure control on the operating pads ensure that the lift will stop if you take your finger from the button.The elderly, handicapped and people suffering from mobility problems face a serious challenge to pass through the stairs and stairs can be quite dangerous to them. These people with mobility issues are highly vulnerable to falling down the stairs leading to serious injuries. One-time investment in purchasing chair lifts for stairs eliminates the mobility challenge faced by such people with safety. One of the ways we service our customers after the sale is by providing replacement parts for accessibility products. When parts wear out, it's important to have a reliable place to turn. Transitions delivers the right parts in a timely manner, backed up by pleasant, professional service.

Besides providing a safe and secure method of moving through stairs, the stair chair lifts also secure a sense of independence among the people suffering from mobility issues. These people can easily pass through the stairs having a chair lift whenever they want to, without the need of any household member to help them.

For anyone interested in purchasing a stair lift, the bottom line is to align yourself with a reputable company you can trust so that you don't have to perform all the product research on your own. Transitions is just the partner you need because we can help you match a great stair lift for your needs with your other concerns about pricing and space.


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