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Climbing Stairs Just Got Easier With Emergency Stair Chair
Aug 19, 2017

Emergency stair chair come in many shapes and sizes and can accommodate almost any type of stairway, from single-flight, straight stairs to multilevel, curved stairways with several landings – even spiral staircases. Standard features on most models include a folding swivel seat, folding armrests and footrests, and easy to use buttons attached to the seat. In addition are portable remotes which are typically located at the top and bottom landings for easy retrieval, seat-belts. They also work for indoor and outdoor environments.

But Dragon Industry developed a new kind of emergency stair chair, which can help going up and down stairs easily. And the emergency stair chair do not need to install in home or office. It’s just like a chair which can be folded to put in the car trunk when not in use. By using Dragon’s emergency stair chair in a home or office, it will give the disabled person the ability to move from one floor to another in safe and secure manner. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, this emergency stair chair could also be used to transport a person, who might be on crutches, or an elderly person with bad legs or even a temporarily infirm person. An emergency stair chair is the ideal solution to a number of problems regarding disabled family members or co-workers.

Going up stairs has an energy-cost value of 9.6 METS (that's 9.6 times more energy than sitting doing nothing). This score is higher than almost any other cardio exercise, including jogging, and is on a par with vigorous swimming. Even better, the more you weigh, the greater the calorie-burn. You might think you’re fine on the stairs, but your loved ones see you struggling and worry about your safety. A high proportion of interests in Dragon come not from the people who will use our emergency stair chair, but from concerned members of their families. The emergency stair chair in Dragon Industry will not only assist you, but will give your loved ones peace of mind knowing that you can use the stairs easily when they’re not there, letting them continue with their lives without having to worry.

With the help of a Dragon Industry emergency stair chair, it is possible to transport a person in their own wheelchair easily and comfortably up and down stairs. The added flexibility and design of our emergency stair chairs means it does not matter whether the stairs are inside or outside.

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