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Can Early Detection, Early Conditioning Scoliosis
Jun 20, 2017

What are the common symptoms of Spine Board?

1, Spine Board will cause the razor back: the spine and ribs have a specific structure, the Spine Board after the Spine Board will be caused by the same side of the ribs, plus the vertebral vertebrae associated with rotation deformity, can lead to Back uplift, and the emergence of "razor back" deformity.

The razor back is a serious manifestation of the Spine Board. Spine Board in the early if not timely detection and conditioning, it will lead to increased disease progression, the average monthly increase of 1 to 2 degrees, especially in the growth and development period, the Spine Board developed faster.

Spine Board, such as let him develop, and ultimately can form a serious Spine Board, resulting in serious deformity of the trunk. Performance for the shoulders of the uneven, back uplift "razor back", side of the thoracic collapse, side uplift, pelvic tilt and limp.

Spine Board as a manifestation of spinal deformity, serious damage to children's health. According to the census found that the incidence of Spine Board was 1.06%, and showed an upward trend, generally issued in the 10-14 years old, especially in junior high school girls more common, mainly caused by incorrect posture. Therefore, parents, primary and secondary physical education teachers, should pay close attention to observe the shape of the spine in order to early detection, early conditioning Spine Board.

2, Spine Board will allow patients to appear asymmetrical posture: pelvic rotation tilt, the patient will make the lower limbs unequal length, resulting in the body bent when the curved side; shoulder tilt can make the shoulders high and low asymmetry, resulting in patients with arms Equal length; side of the vertebral body with varying degrees of rotation, will make the ribs and thorax deformation, manifested as asymmetry on both sides. These factors will cause the patient to stand or walk when the asymmetrical posture, often to the side of the tilt.

3, Spine Board will allow patients visceral symptoms of oppression: When the chest deformity is serious, will produce greater oppression of the viscera, followed by visceral dysfunction. Heart compression, there will be displaced and cardiac function is limited, the patient may be palpitations, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms; lung compression will reduce lung capacity, often expressed as breathing faster; digestive system compression, the patient will appear loss of appetite, digestion Bad symptoms.

4, Spine Board will affect the body type: side Spine Board in the side of the spine, the appearance was "C" shape; if on both sides, compared to "S" shape. This is also one of the common symptoms of Spine Board.

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