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Camping Cot Be Sure To Carefully Observe The Geological Landscape
Aug 10, 2017

For outdoor travel ALICE, there are short-distance hiking or hiking, there are long long-distance mountaineering activities. Mountaineering enthusiasts are definitely an unusual way to walk,Camping Cot naturally can enjoy the ordinary people have not seen the scenery. Short distance outdoor activities Needless to say, long distance mountain climbing is bound to camping in the wild, the following based on the experience of the old ALICE to sum up a few points in the wild camp should pay attention to what issues?

Campsite living area, as the name suggests, to meet people's daily accommodation, catering, health and other daily needs. Equipped with independent drinking water and sewage treatment system, equipped with living electricity, modern sanitation equipment: shower, bathroom, and provide laundry, ironing,Camping Cot gas and other services, as well as supermarkets, post offices, clinics, bars, restaurants, gym Etc .; in the entertainment and sports area, generally divided into outdoor and indoor two major areas, football, tennis, basketball, swimming pool, golf,Camping Cot children's playground and other sports venues and multi-purpose hall to meet people relax, entertainment, leisure The needs of the business district of the meeting room for people to discuss, meetings and other business use.

1 Select the camp to pay attention to avoid geological disasters prone to place, specifically, landslides and debris flow is more frequent place. Before the camping must be carefully observed geological and geomorphological, do not choose the serious weathering under the hillside to build camps, because this mountain slope is usually more sand and rock, rock if the roll, the consequences would be disastrous,Camping Cot if the soil is easy to cut the soil is easy to debris flow , And do not build a camp where the debris flow is easy.

2 thunderstorms When choosing a campsite, be sure to take care. Can not build a camp in the Peak, so as to avoid lightning. Thunderstorms are most likely to cause flash floods,Camping Cot so thunderstorms can not be in the valley, the beach to build camps, so as not to suffer flash floods.

3 sunny weather, the best place to build camps should be a wide river bank or stream side and the ridge of the. On the other side of the river near the river, or easy to operate;Camping Cot the other hand close to the water, easy to take water, easy to drink; there is a point is beautiful scenery.

4 choose a sunny place to build camps to avoid tires in the tents, keep the tents dry.

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