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Benefits For The Stair Chair Lifts
Jul 28, 2017

Is going up and down your stairs becoming too much of a challenge? Do you try to avoid using the stairs because it is too difficult? If this sounds familiar, consider installing an in-home chair lift for stairs, designed to make navigating your home easier and safer than before. If you are suffering from a handicap, or just growing older, an electric stair lift can vastly improve your quality of life and in-home mobility.

The most common type of stair chair lifts is the pedal stepper, which many exercisers refer to as the StairMaster.

The operation of a stair lift is simple – it takes the user up and down a stairway at just the press of a button.

  • Quality of life and more mobility.   Stair chair lifts allows you to overcome virtually all stair/step obstacles at home and out and about.

  • Care attendant operators needs little physical effort as these devices are powered and can be operated effortlessly and safely.

  • People with reduced mobility are transported safely and comfortably up and downstairs.

  • Stair chair lifts are battery powered and can operate on stairs as well as wheeled on level ground.

  • These stair chair lifts are easily dismantled and transported in virtually any car– ready for use at your destination.

We are all new to the danger of falling down stairs and it is likely that most of us have slipped or fallen on a level surface one time or another. In order to protect your elderly parents from the threat of falling down stairs, you may need to constantly remind them of many safety tips. A stair chair lifts may be the solution.

Instead of having to rely on someone to always be there to help you scale the stairs, you will easily be able to do it on your own with a stair lift. By browsing our wide variety of stair lifts for the elderly, you will be able to find that perfect one for you and your home to make your house more accessible for anyone who is unable to climb the stairs. And maybe you are considering adding a stair lift to your home for an elderly loved one who is going to be staying with you for an extended period of time. Stair chair lifts are the solution to safely go up and the down your stairs.  They are quality built and many come back by lifetime limited warranties from the manufacturers.

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