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Ambulance Stretcher Improved Ride Comfort
Oct 23, 2017

It is a key index to evaluate the performance and smoothness of ambulance stretcher, and the evaluation index directly affects the illness and comfort of the wounded. At present, our country produces the ambulance all is uses the light goods vehicle chassis or the off-road vehicle chassis to convert. Its leaf spring is not specially designed for ambulances, and its smooth performance is generally poor. According to the emergency medical staff, the sick and wounded in transit, the vehicle's bumps often make the patient unbearable, some patients (cardiovascular disease, etc.) on the way often appear deterioration of the disease. Therefore, improving the ride comfort of ambulances is of great significance to the first aid cause.

There are many factors related to the smoothness of the ambulance, obviously design wheelbase large, low center of gravity, equipped with independent suspension of the special ambulance chassis, can make the patient listen to the vibration load has a larger reduction, can fundamentally improve the ambulance ride, but the current domestic development of such a long chassis cycle, difficult to implement manufacturers. Therefore, it is an effective way to add the damping device under the stretcher and reduce the energy transmitted from the ground, drive system and transmission system.

To rely on the ambulance stretcher vibration reduction, domestic has done some work. 1975, the Ministry of Health specially developed a folding-type damping stretcher standard WS 2-189-75 Ambulance manufacturers in the development work also groped some experience. Because of the lack of theoretical basis, only general use of empirical design, and from the test situation, there is not much damping effect. In addition, the ISO2631/1 seat horizontal vibration, the X-directional vibration evaluation criteria did not take into account the vibration from the head input. In view of these situations, we use the human body to the vibration response and the evaluation standard analysis, selected a more accord with the human body position x direction vibration standard. Then from this standard, through the analysis of vehicles, the mathematical model is established, and the relationship between the output of stretcher and its damping stiffness is obtained. The stiffness damping parameters are optimized and the corresponding damping devices are designed to improve the smoothness of the stretcher.

Ambulance stretcher Use Method:

1, the use of sea-cotton mat stretcher machine, the mission to transport comfort, the patient carried on stretchers, transported by ambulance.

2, if the stretcher needs to raise the head, press the stretcher head below the button, ascend upward.

3, when the delivery of the patient to the ward or destination, pull out the handle, two people can be carried.

4, the stretcher face guard uses the revolving elastic locking device, turns on the guard block, guarantees the patient to be safe, uses belts insurance when necessary, turns down the guardrail, the patient is convenient up and down.

5, when the patient needs infusion, the stretcher side can be inserted at one end of the infusion rack.

Scope of application:

The use of ambulances, hospitals, battlefield, gymnasium for the delivery of sick and wounded, can also be used for general surgery.


1. When transporting the patient, it is necessary to turn the guardrail up to ensure safety.

2, do the general operation, do not cut the stretcher surface.

Ambulance Stretcher Maintenance:

1, always keep tidy (including disinfection)

2, often check whether there are parts loose phenomenon

3, storage, transport prohibited upside down, at the same time according to the box stacked stacking yard.

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