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Ambulance Stretcher Can Avoid Many People Mixed And Handling Movements Are Not Coordinated
Oct 06, 2017

An ambulance stretcher is a special stretcher for the transportation of a patient. This stretcher is very convenient and simple when used, but it should be exercised when carrying the patient on a stretcher and carrying it. In the use of ambulance stretchers on the need for the transport of patients, the three operators should be side by side kneeling on the side of the wounded body, and arm to the injured shoulder, abdomen and lower limbs, and then at the same time Stand up to keep the wounded body in a horizontal position. In the exercise should be done at the same time, if the patients need cervical spine injury need to use stretcher, one should be responsible for traction and fix the patient's head and neck, in order to avoid secondary damage to the patient. There should be a unified command when using an ambulance stretcher, which can avoid incongruity and ease of handling.

The ambulance stretcher is not a single one we imagined, and the stretcher can be divided into a variety of types depending on the use and structure, and can meet the needs of various patients and ambulance environment. The most common of ambulance stretchers is the lift and rickshaw stretcher, which is best suited for use in ambulances because it can accommodate the needs of most illnesses and facilitate the rest and delivery of the patient and the wounded. Shovel stretcher is also a number of stretchers in the more out of a color, and its overall structure is composed of about two aluminum alloy plate, the delivery of the wounded when the first two stretches of aluminum alloy plate from the side of the wound into the back, And then carry out. Each ambulance stretcher has its own unique use and characteristics, but also to better serve the patient.

Whether it is in the film, or in reality, we have seen a product, that is, ambulance stretcher, if Xiaobian guess right, we have seen, nothing, today Xiaobian for your specific introduction It, the ambulance stretcher with high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum and foam cushion, high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum is a very solid material, with the advantages of light and flexible, and foam pad can make the wounded lying more comfortable The ambulance stretcher has two telescopic handles to facilitate the lifting of the stretcher, the ambulance stretcher can also be free to move, it is because it uses a low frame structure. Because it has, in many ambulances, hospitals, battles, stadiums in the delivery of the wound can save time, so that the wounded get timely treatment.


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