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Air Ambulance The Best Way To Reduce Car Accident Mortality
Jul 01, 2017

Electrical Boarding Machine Reduce The Load To The Temperature Stability

In short, the Air Ambulance (referred to as air ICU) as we see the same as the ground ambulance, but the car replaced the aircraft only.

Air medical ambulance plane includes two: rotorcraft (such as helicopters) and fixed-wing aircraft. Fixed-wing ambulance aircraft are usually used to transport those who are far away from the ground ambulance in the time required and can not arrive in time.

Although helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are suitable for air medical care transport, but if the distance of more than 80 miles, then the fixed-wing aircraft in the transport costs should be lower. So turboprop and jet aircraft are basically used in air transport at distances of 75 to 10,000 miles.

1. Usually every air medical ambulance will be standard with two pilots. According to the actual needs of the injury, will increase the two or more qualified professional medical staff.

2. At the same time we can see the configuration of a professional medical equipment after the rescue plane space is very limited, so in addition to the necessary medical staff, leaving the family quota is very limited.

3. The medical staff in the cabin are closely monitoring the vital signs of the patient.

Most of the advanced medical equipment deployed in the air medical rescue plane includes ECG monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and ALS drugs and equipment.

Who is responsible for overseeing aviation medical emergency operations?

Air medical rescue is a combination of aviation and medical care, is the world's two most regulated and constrained industries.

The importance of helicopter Air Ambulance is being recognized by the Chinese people, domestic departments are actively exploring the construction of helicopter emergency rescue system, but the development of China's helicopter Air Ambulance is relatively backward, most areas did not form a normalized regional helicopter ambulance system.

What is the normalized regionalization, refers to the helicopter for a long time in a fixed area to run, and the standing rescue duty of a configuration system or mode of operation, the current configuration of the region and units are:

The world's first ISO9002 certified flight service agency has nine aircraft, including two fixed and seven helicopters, more than 200 helicopter landing points, free 24-hour Air Ambulance, search and rescue services, the average annual The number of flight hours are about 2000 and 5000 hours, the cost borne by the government.

Traffic Department Maritime rescue flight team 

With the North Sea, the East China Sea, the South China Sea three detachment, respectively, in Zhuhai, Qingdao and other cities stationed, mainly for the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea four ships and oil platform for personnel rescue work, the cost of the government financially bear.  

Forestry Administration of the State Forestry Administration 

Including the northeastern and southwestern areas, mainly for Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces and autonomous regions of the large forest areas for fire monitoring, forest conservation and fire fighting work, mainly to take the way to buy aviation services The

Helicopter to any other means of transport can not match the advantages

At present, the form of emergency first-aid form in the country is mainly in the form of ambulance, and the ambulance is transported by the ambulance, such as the first aid radius, the road condition is bad, the traffic jam, the terrain complex and other emergency vehicles can not reach the accident location or the special patient who needs long distance transit Means obviously can not be met.

Helicopter Air Ambulance in the highway accident handling, emergency medical assistance, inter-city transport between the injured, large-scale activities such as security has an unmatched advantage. To high-speed road car accident, for example, especially the death of large groups of car accident incident, with a helicopter to medical personnel and emergency medicine quickly delivered to the scene, then the wounded transferred to the hospital, within 1 hour of gold on the wounded, The best way to kill a car accident

Air rescue helicopters equipped with professional medical equipment

Air Ambulance helicopters in addition to a certain capacity of the helicopter, the most important or on-board medical equipment with the requirements. The Air Ambulance helicopter is not as simple as putting a stretcher and first aid kit on a helicopter. Professional defensive helicopters on the medical emergency equipment and medicines are equipped with standards, defibrillators, ventilators, syringes, oxygen cylinders and other equipment is essential, and each device has a fixed position, as well as suitable for Aerial flight stretcher, can be a serious fracture of the spine fracture and other patients will not be affected by the vibration of the secondary damage. Air Ambulance personnel need to undergo professional training, especially to be able to adapt to high-altitude operations.

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